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Unique Ceiling Fans for Every Home Decor Style
You’ve worked hard to design a home that’s as unique as you are. You might be concerned that a ceiling fan will detract from your meticulously-chosen decor, despite the many advantages they offer to keep your space cool. Luckily, at Dan’s Fan City, we’re just as obsessed with style as we are with efficiency and function. We’d like to introduce you to some of our most unique ceiling fans with specific home decor styles in mind.
Ceiling Fan Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Indoor or Outdoor Ceiling Fan
A ceiling fan is a great way to bring light, air circulation, and decorative flair to any space. When you start shopping for the perfect ceiling fan, your head might start spinning as quickly as the fan blades because of all the factors you need to consider! Blade span, mounting height, UL rating, energy efficiency, motor current, controls...there are hundreds of possibilities that might impact your ceiling fan decision. Lucky for you, we've rounded up the ultimate guide to choosing the perfect ceiling fan for any space.
Finding the Perfect Small Ceiling Fans for Your Small, Hard-to-Cool Rooms
Let’s face it—some rooms in your home just can’t get cool enough. Tight spaces such as walk-in closets, hallways, and laundry rooms can suffer from poor air circulation and get stiflingly hot because of inefficient ventilation or a lack of A/C. This is where a small ceiling fan can save the day and keep those hard-to-cool rooms, well, cool!
Key Considerations When Purchasing a Low-Profile Ceiling Fan
Having a low ceiling doesn’t mean you have to go without a ceiling fan! Get all the details on low-profile ceiling fans, and how they can transform your small room with their cooling benefits.
Your Guide to Our Most Popular Troposair Ceiling Fan Models
On the hunt for a new ceiling fan for your home or business? Take a look at this guide on the top 5 best rated Troposair ceiling fan models to make your decision a breeze.
What Exactly is an Industrial Ceiling Fan?
There are many misconceptions about industrial ceiling fans and we’re here to clear things up. Learn everything there is to know about large industrial ceiling fans here!
Everything You Need to Know about Outdoor Ceiling Fans
When it comes to outdoor ceiling fans, there’s much to consider to ensure you get the most from your purchase. Use this guide for answers to your biggest outdoor ceiling fan questions.
Accessories for Your New Ceiling Fan
Adding accessories like light kits, glass shades, and remote controls to your new ceiling fan purchase will bring value for years to come! Learn more about fan accessories here.
Introducing: Hunter Fans
Have you heard the news? We’re excited to announce the launch of Hunter Fan products at Dan’s Fan City! Learn more about their quality ceiling fans here.
2018’s 5 Most Popular Troposair Fans
2018 was a great year for Dan’s Fan City filled with new products to satisfy your unique needs! Find out what fans were the most popular last year and some of their great features.

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