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Accessories for Your New Ceiling Fan

You’ve found the perfect ceiling fan for your home, something that shows your individuality while adding to the elegance of your home. But, do you feel like something is missing? There are a lot of great accessories out there to personalize your new ceiling fan and make it your own while adding even more functionality to your purchase. Light kits, glass shades, and remote controls are some of the most popular items to accessorize your ceiling fan, and for good reason. Continue reading to learn about these fan accessories.

Light Kits

When looking to add ambiance to your home, attaching a light kit to your ceiling fan is the perfect solution. Not only does it widen your lighting possibilities, but it also helps to reduce energy costs. Light kits create layered lighting, bringing more dimension into your home, and opening your space. For porches and patios, there are also special damp and wet rated lighting kits.  Whatever space you’re looking to illuminate, a light kit will achieve desired results.

Glass Shades

Adding a glass shade to a fan utilizing a light kit gives you an opportunity to add personality to your fan. With options ranging from standard frosted glass to mosaic glass, there’s something for every home. Usually, these come in two styles – individual side glass and entire lighting cover. Individual side glass attaches to each of the separate lights while a glass casing will cover the entirety of the lighted portion of your ceiling fan. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, glass shades also help to diffuse the light, for a softer feel.

Remote Control

Ceiling fans that come with remote controls have been growing in popularity for a reason. Simply stated, they are designed to make your life easier. Adding a remote-control function to your ceiling fan can eliminate the need for pull chains, which gives your fan a sleeker appearance. A remote-control feature also eliminates the need for dealing with running extra wires through the ceiling and offers a workaround for those who lack such access. Oh, and of course, the convenience a remote-control ceiling fan adds to your life is amazing. You’ll never have to get out of bed again to change the blade speed!

Choosing the ceiling fan accessories that are right for your lifestyle will bring style and convenience to your home for years to come. At Dan’s Fan City, we stock a wide selection of light kits, glass covers and controls for you to choose from. Shop our extensive selection of ceiling fan parts and accessories today!

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