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Do I Need an Indoor Ceiling Fan?
You want your home to be comfortable and stylish, in any room where you spend time. An indoor ceiling fan can provide comfort and beauty while potentially reducing your energy bills. Learn some reasons to buy an indoor ceiling fan and some of the many available options.
Transform Your Patio With an Outdoor Ceiling Fan
A patio or outdoor space is one of the most tranquil areas of a home. It’s where you can sip your morning cup of coffee, host friends and family, or relax on a peaceful evening. There are several ways to enhance your favorite outdoor space, like adding cozy furniture and beautiful plants and flowers. But one of the best ways to make it uniquely yours, and keep it comfortably cool year-round, is by adding an outdoor ceiling fan.
Top-Selling Flush Mount Ceiling Fans with Lights
Choosing the right ceiling fan for your home or outdoor space can have you exploring so many designs, features, and sizes that your options seem virtually limitless. However, if you’re limited on space or have a low ceiling, one way to narrow your choices is to consider a low-profile ceiling fan, such as a flush mount ceiling fan with lights, instead of a standard mount fan. Here’s what to look for in a flush mount fan as well as some of our most popular models.
Dan’s Fan City Opens New Store in Marietta, Georgia
We are pleased to announce the opening of a new Dan’s Fan City retail store in Marietta, Georgia. The store is located in East Cobb, at the intersection of Johnson Ferry and Roswell road in the Pinestraw Shopping Center. The fully renovated space, between Trader Joe’s and New Balance Footwear, features stained wood beams that show our wide selection of ceiling fans, along with new flooring and wall covering.
Most Stores Re-Opening on Monday May 4th
Most Stores Re-Opening on Monday May 4th as Per Guidelines Set Forth by State of Florida Order 20-112: Locations in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach are by Appointment Only.Online sales will continue through all of this at
Ceiling Fans for Bedrooms: What to Consider While You Shop
Your bedroom is your sanctuary; it's where you sleep, relax, and rejuvenate. You take the time to research and invest in things like your mattress, pillows, and anything else needed to ensure it's the coziest and comfiest space in your house. Choosing ceiling fans for bedrooms should be no different.
5 Benefits of Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans
Ceiling fans, especially Energy StarⓇ certified fans, can be an excellent way to reduce your energy usage. Learn about the benefits of efficient fans.
Unique Ceiling Fans for Every Home Decor Style
You’ve worked hard to design a home that’s as unique as you are. You might be concerned that a ceiling fan will detract from your meticulously-chosen decor, despite the many advantages they offer to keep your space cool. Luckily, at Dan’s Fan City, we’re just as obsessed with style as we are with efficiency and function. We’d like to introduce you to some of our most unique ceiling fans with specific home decor styles in mind.
Ceiling Fan Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Indoor or Outdoor Ceiling Fan
A ceiling fan is a great way to bring light, air circulation, and decorative flair to any space. When you start shopping for the perfect ceiling fan, your head might start spinning as quickly as the fan blades because of all the factors you need to consider! Blade span, mounting height, UL rating, energy efficiency, motor current, controls...there are hundreds of possibilities that might impact your ceiling fan decision. Lucky for you, we've rounded up the ultimate guide to choosing the perfect ceiling fan for any space.
Finding the Perfect Small Ceiling Fans for Your Small, Hard-to-Cool Rooms
Let’s face it—some rooms in your home just can’t get cool enough. Tight spaces such as walk-in closets, hallways, and laundry rooms can suffer from poor air circulation and get stiflingly hot because of inefficient ventilation or a lack of A/C. This is where a small ceiling fan can save the day and keep those hard-to-cool rooms, well, cool!

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