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What Exactly is an Industrial Ceiling Fan?

Industrial fans are large ceiling fans that are perfect for factories and warehouse settings, but there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding their name. Often misunderstood, these fans are commonly confused with industrial style and commercial ceiling fans. Continue reading to learn the benefits of large industrial ceiling fans and how they differ from other common fan types.

The Elements of an Industrial Ceiling Fan

Industrial ceiling fans start at 52” and can go all the way up to a 100” blade span. While standard ceiling fans are usually made of things like wood or thin plastic, industrial ceiling fans are usually constructed with materials like steel, aluminum, and industrial-grade plastic. This is what gives them the industrial style look that has made its way into the design of residential ceiling fans you can find in many people’s homes.

Residential ceiling fans can either be flush mounted or mounted on a down-rod, but this is not the case with industrial ceiling fans. 

Benefits of Industrial Fans

Industrial ceiling fans run at a lower speed but deliver a continuous stream of airflow to large spaces, so they employ powerful motors to get the right amount of traction. These fans work hard to cycle the warm air into the cooler air and lower the overall temperature of the space. That means they are a great way to cut down on energy costs for warehouses, and other large work areas. The bigger the fan, the better the airflow you can expect to receive.

Industrial Ceiling Fans vs. Commercial Ceiling Fans

While they are both used to cool vast spaces, industrial and commercial ceiling fans have some major differences. Industrial ceiling fans tend to be a little louder than commercial ceiling fans. This is because they are designed for use in workspaces like warehouses, factories, garages, and workshops and are typically intended to be the area’s main air-cooling source. Commercial ceiling fans, on the other hand, are designed to work in conjunction with traditional AC units as an additional source of airflow. This allows them to use a less powerful motor that produces little sound.

Industrial ceiling fans are trusted by factories and warehouses everywhere as their primary indoor cooling method. If you’re tired of long days full of sweat and heat, and industrial ceiling fan could be the perfect solutions for your workspace!

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