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Transform Your Patio With an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

A patio or outdoor space is one of the most cherished areas of a home. It’s where you can sip your morning cup of coffee, host friends and family, or relax on a peaceful evening. There are several ways to enhance your favorite outdoor space, like adding cozy furniture and beautiful plants and flowers. But one of the best ways to make it uniquely yours, and keep it comfortably cool year-round, is by adding an outdoor ceiling fan. These ceiling fans come with lights and a remote as well as our smart ceiling fan options.

Why Install an Outdoor Patio Fan?

Beyond keeping you cool and comfortable, there are several added benefits of an outdoor ceiling fan: 

  • It increases the usability of your outdoor space by making it more comfortable
  • Moving air helps reduce insect activity in a small area
  • It can help increase the perceived value of your home
  • It can make your outdoor space more inviting by adding anything from a traditional to a sleek modern design piece.

Can I Use an Indoor Ceiling Fan Outside?

In short, that’s probably not a good idea. Buying an indoor ceiling fan for your outdoor space may seem like a reasonable solution on the surface, but indoor and outdoor fans are designed with different characteristics. Here are at least two reasons why you should stick to an outdoor fan for your patio. 

Outdoor Fans Have More Durability

The durability of any ceiling fan is important, but this is especially true in an outdoor setting where the fan will be more susceptible to rain, wind, humidity, and heat. As a result, outdoor fans are built with special all-weather blades and casting to withstand the elements and remain protected from moisture. Especially if you're in Florida or somewhere else in the southeast, the weather and high humidity will be a concern.

Appearances Vary Between Indoor and Outdoor Fans 

You want your outdoor space to feel inviting, but you also want it to look that way too. Unlike traditional indoor ceiling fans, which can have ornate designs, outdoor fans often look and feel sleek and simplistic, ensuring they blend into most settings. They can also help set the right ambiance outdoors by adding the perfect touch of lighting.

How to Choose an Outdoor Patio Fan

There are several options to choose from when it comes time to purchase your outdoor ceiling fan. You can narrow your selections down by several features, including:

  • Style (Coastal, Industrial, Ornate, etc.)
  • Blade size (18" up to 96”)
  • Blade material (Wood, Metal, etc.)
  • Motor finish (Brass, Bronze, White, etc.)
  • Smart ceiling fans with WiFi connection.
  • Brand (Gulf Coast Fans, Lasko, Hunter, and more!)

Or if you’re budget-conscious, you can sort by price. Most premium outdoor fans start at $150 and go up to $700 or more.

Popular Outdoor Fan Models for Patios

If you’re looking for ideas for your patio, here are some popular options among our large selection of outdoor fans.

Ion 76 in. Pure White Ceiling Fan with 15W LED Light and Remote Control

This modern and contemporary fan is a great choice for a sleek and simplistic outdoor fan. With just three contoured blades, it won’t overwhelm your outdoor space. Although powerful, this outdoor patio fan is incredibly energy efficient. The best part? It comes with a remote control so you can turn it on or off and change the fan speeds from the comfort of your seat. 

Liberator 82 in. Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan With 18W LED Array Light

The Liberator ceiling fan is excellent for larger outdoor spaces that need more air movement. Its nine contoured blades give it the bold physical appearance fitting this powerful machine. Despite its large size and numerous blades, this outdoor ceiling fan uses relatively little electricity, making it an excellent energy-efficient purchase. 

Bombay Oil Rubbed Bronze Fan with 50" Bombay Tan Blades

Looking to add a thematic and unique flair to your outdoor space? This Bombay fan is your answer. While the four palm-shaped blades add a tropical feel to your patio, you’ll feel great knowing it's also built to withstand tropical climates. This fan can also be adapted to a light kit of your choosing as well as a remote control. 

Shop for More Outdoor Patio Fans at Dan’s Fan City

With a large selection of outdoor ceiling fans in stock, you’re sure to find the perfect solution at Dan’s Fan City and to have it shipped quickly. That said, if you prefer a custom look for your patio, you can design your own fan to fit your unique taste. Please contact us today to help make your favorite outdoor space even better.

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