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Check Out These Industrial Style Ceiling Fans

How you decorate your home expresses your own unique style. Ceiling fans come in a huge variety to complement just about any decor style. If you are a fan of clean lines, warm wood tones, and raw materials, industrial style is for you. Industrial style ceiling fans are a bold option perfect for adding dimension to contemporary homes and commercial spaces.

What Is Industrial Chic?

Industrial chic is becoming more and more popular as a decorating style. While it used to be reserved for converted lofts and factories, it is now found in all kinds of buildings, from urban to rural. Industrial chic (or urban industrial as it’s sometimes called) combines utilitarian design with worn textures and the warmth of raw, aged woods. This style is all about mixing raw materials (galvanized metal, glass, and reclaimed woods) while keeping the shapes and silhouettes relatively simple. Industrial chic is similar in many ways to the modern farmhouse style but with more “edge.” Industrial style ceiling fans fit perfectly into this hot design trend.

How Industrial Ceiling Fans Complement Industrial Chic

Industrial ceiling fans trend a little larger than some other styles. They range from a 52” blade span up to 100”. While standard ceiling fans are usually made of materials like wood or thin plastic, industrial ceiling fans usually incorporate materials like steel, aluminum, and industrial-grade plastic. This is what gives them the industrial style look. There are a few common features that tend to be found in industrial ceiling fans. They include:

Sleek, Flat Blades

Similar to modern and contemporary styles, industrial fans feature minimalistic blades. They are typically long and slim. The sleek lines in these fans complement the overall simplistic look of industrial chic.

A Variety of Finishes

What fan color do you prefer? White fans blend into the ceiling and make the space look airy and open. Dark and metal fans make a bold statement. Industrial fans are available in many different color options for whichever look you think accentuates your space the best.

Indoor and Outdoor Options

Both indoor and outdoor spaces need ceiling fans to circulate the air and keep the environment comfortable. With an industrial fan, a necessary appliance can become a stylish accent to your decor. When decorating an outdoors space like a patio, look for an outdoor industrial ceiling fan, rated to handle exposure to the elements. Outdoor fans are water-resistant in case rain blows into your patio area. 

Blade Sizes

Choose a ceiling fan that’s the right size for the room. If it’s too small, it will not circulate the air as it should. If it’s too large, it will look out of place. The recommended size of fan blades is determined by the length of the longest wall in the room. Follow these guidelines to find the correct size industrial style ceiling fan for you:

  • Length of longest wall is 12 to 15 feet, your fan width should be 40” to 48”
  • Length of longest wall is more than 15 feet, your fan width should be 52” or more. 

Other Ceiling Fan Features

Once you know the core features of the industrial fan for your space, you can explore those with additional, unique features. Some models include dimmable LED lights. Others come with a remote control so you can adjust the light and fan speed without having to get up and flip the switch.

Industrial Ceiling Fans

Even if you don’t want your entire home or business to feel like an artist’s loft, adding in chic, industrial pieces throughout the home is a great way to contrast more traditionally modern elements. Dan’s Fan City’s industrial-style fans feature exposed metal, clean lines, and longer fan blades. They are the perfect addition to finish out your modern, chic space. If you can’t find exactly what you envision, you have the option to design your own ceiling fan. Please contact us today to find the perfect industrial style ceiling fan for your unique style.

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