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What Size Ceiling Fan Do You Need for Your Room?

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Ceiling fans offer many benefits. They are an energy-efficient, cost-effective way to increase comfort and improve the style of any room. When searching for the perfect ceiling fan to complement your home, you need to keep one critical factor in mind: its size. 

While there are many things to consider while you search for your ceiling fan, its size is the most important factor. The size of your ceiling fan directly correlates to the room you’re placing it in. A fan that is too small can burn out quickly from overuse, and a fan that is too large can lead to aggressive, uncomfortable airflow. You want a ceiling fan that lasts but isn’t over imposing.

In this guide, we discuss how to find the right size ceiling fan for each room in your home. 


Ceiling Fans For Small Rooms 


Small rooms are hard to cool and can quickly become stuffy. Adding a small ceiling fan can help them appear larger, boost visual appeal, and improve lighting. Small ceiling fans are perfect for the petite, cozy spaces in your home like nooks, hallways, stairwells, laundry rooms, walk-in closets, half or full bathrooms, home offices, dens, and other small rooms. 

Here are the blade spans we recommend for smaller rooms: 

Room Size

Blade Span

6 feet x 6 feet (36 square feet) 

15- to 31-inches

8 feet x 8 feet (64 square feet) 

31- to 36-inches

10 feet x 10 feet (100 square feet) 

36- to 42-inches


Ceiling Fans for Medium-Sized Rooms 


Rooms that are 12 feet x 12 feet (144 square feet) to 16 feet x 16 feet (256 square feet) are considered medium-sized rooms. These dimensions are typical of a standard bedroom or kitchen — both of which can become quickly uncomfortable if there isn’t enough air circulation. We recommend a ceiling fan with a blade span of 52- to 60-inches to ensure optimal airflow. 


Ceiling Fans for Large Rooms and Outdoor Areas


Ceiling fans can immensely improve the comfort in rooms where your family spends the most time together such as large family rooms, living rooms, and outdoor patios

Room Size

Blade Span

18 feet x 18 feet (324 square feet)

60- to 72-inches

25 feet x 25 feet (625 square feet)

72- to 84-inches

30 feet x 30 feet (900 square feet, or larger) 

84- to 96-inches, or larger


While we recommend fans with an 84- to 96-inch blade span for rooms 900 square feet or larger, you’ll experience the best benefits from multiple ceiling fans that have a 50- to 58-inch blade span. 


Consider the Room’s Ceiling Height


In addition to the width of the room, you also want to consider the ceiling height. Flush mount, or low profile ceiling fans are a great option for small rooms with low ceilings — not only do they save space, but they also guarantee safety and efficacy. 

If your room has a high ceiling, you may need to add an extension pole, downrod, or other ceiling fan parts to provide the best airflow. For optimal performance and benefits, you want to make sure your ceiling fan is at least seven feet above the floor and 18 inches from the walls of your room.


Find a Ceiling Fan for Every Room With Dan’s Fan City 


Choosing a properly sized fan will help you boost the visual appeal of a room while also keeping everyone in your home comfortable.

At Dan's Fan City, we offer ceiling fans in a wide variety of styles ranging from modern and contemporary to tropical and everything in between to match your preferences. You can customize every ceiling fan to your specifications, and even make every fan match throughout your home by simply swapping the blade sizes. 

In addition to a variety of styles, we offer ceiling fans with convenient features such as remote controls, smart home compatibility and WiFi, dimmable light kits, and more. We also offer a warranty repair or replacement on qualifying items so that you can confidently trust your investment.

Design your own ceiling fan or shop our selection of pre-designed fans online or in-store. If you aren’t sure what size ceiling fan to get, contact us today — our dedicated team of experts is here to help.

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